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Our Story

The Higher Realm Ministry was founded by Natalie-Anne and her husband Matthew. After watching the turmoil that humanity was going through, they both knew they needed to start bringing more light into the world, bring humanity back together and restore peace and love to all. Natalie was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and comes from a family of gifted mediums and healers. Although she brushed aside these gifts in herself for as long as she could, her calling hit her in a way that she could no longer ignore. After the tragic passing of her daughter Isabella, everything changed. Natalie was lifted into her gifts like never before and since then has been channeling Mary Magdalene and many other Guides and Ascended Masters. Natalie communicates with Loved Ones on the other side and has brought healing to many in despair and grief. With mediumship and connecting with Source at the center focus of The Higher Realm Ministry, Natalie and Matthew have created a community of Divine Love, Light, Healing and Connection for all. This community has brought many like-minded people together in their Spiritual growth, and continues to uplift and heal many. 


Escape into the higher realms

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